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Frequently Asked Questions

Q-Is the eezy brand products are indian?

Ans-Yes the products under the brand name “eezy “ are indian make .

Q-Is there any colour choice in fabric or leatherite used on the chairs ?

Ans-Yes , all the chairs are provided in any colour leatherite or fabric

Q-Is the uphostery used is pure leather ?

Ans-No , the uphostery used is not leather , it is leatherite , a fine quality of synthetic leather.

Q-Do the company give warranty on peeling or cutting of leatherite ?

Ans- No , the company will not bear any warranty on the peeling and cutting of leatherite ,it is mentioned in the warranty card no warranty on the consumables . But company can provide loose leatherite if any one require for the repair of the chair .

Q-How we can trust that this product is an eezy brand product ?

Ans-Company stitch its logo on the back of every chair which is the proof of the authenticity of the chairs .

Q-Is the silver looking base is stainless steel ?

Ans- No , the silver looking base is in hard chrome .

Q-Can we dismental and rearrange the chair ?

Ans- Yes, any one can easily dismental and re-arrange the chair with a little knowledge of its structure .

Q-What is the procedure of delivery of the chairs ?

Ans-After receiving the order , company needs four to five working days to arrange the material and get it ready , in some circumstances company can take extra working days also . There after, the material is under gone through a quality check and packing procedure , after the qc ,the material is ready to despatch thru the suggested transports

Q- Can we customize the chairs ? Like any change in armrest, or stitching , or base ?

Ans- Yes, you can customise the chairs but company accepts a minimum order of 20 pcs to get it customise and time period shall be 15-20 working days .

Q- Can we change the wheels ?

Ans-Yes, wheels can be easily changed if there is any problem or defect n the wheels .

Q- what is the price difference between the nylon base and chrome plated base ?

Ans- Price difference in the nylon base and chrome base is rs 350/- per pc nett price .

Q- What is any time locking feature of chairs ?

Ans- Some executive chairs have special feature of any time locking . In this we can adjust the back of the chair into three positions .
This way we can adjust the back of the chair according to our comfort .

Q- How much chairs contains one bundle ?

Ans- Two h/back chairs can be packed in one bundle and 4-6 visitor chairs can be packed in one bundle.

Q- Whether the company provide on site service for fitting of chairs or regarding repair?

Ans- Yes, if there is any bulk supply, then company can also send their own tecnician to assemble the chairs.